St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church
of Boston, MA

St George Orthodox Church

Mission Statement

St. George Orthodox Church of Boston is a faith-based community that responds to the gifts of the Holy Spirit by proclaiming, sharing, and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We welcome all people as seekers and believers through openness, fellowship, and worship to join us in discovering God’s will in our lives.

As a diverse, loving and caring community, we support, embrace, and encourage each other and reach out in love through charity, compassion, and hospitality to all God’s people.


Vision Statement

The parish of St. George Orthodox Church is committed to:

1.  the creation of educational programs that promote the spiritual growth and development of all.

2.  being a welcoming and embracing community that is dedicated to guide all people towards faithful stewardship.

3.  be better stewards of God by developing outreach programs for the community through various ministries.

4.  to maintain consistent programs and to develop a parish community that will sustain, guide and mentor our youth and future generations to live in Christ and become stewards of the faith.


St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church | V. Rev. Fr. Timothy Ferguson, Pastor
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