Appeal Letter Regarding Current Situation at St. George

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14 May 2020
St Leontius of Jerusalem

Esteemed Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

We missed the crocus and the daffodils the azalea and the dogwood as they came to life around our church.  We missed the blessing of the palms and our ‘hosanna’ procession.  We missed the sharing of the midnight light and brightness of the empty tomb.  Still, in our isolation, we cried out to one another “Christ Is Risen” and we replied “Indeed”.  

Today we are the “Virtual St. George” viewing, visiting, ministering and sharing from afar.  The present crisis compels us to reach deeply into ourselves and discover that inner resilience that offers us strength and hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Our homes are now the ‘little church’ and we are all the ‘royal priesthood’.  During this crisis our parish has embraced a new dimension of sharing and of being, of caring and of serving. 

Throughout this crisis our ministries have continued undeterred.  We still feed the hungry, visit the sick, teach the young, reach out to the elderly, comfort the grieving, forgive each other, pray for each other, celebrate the liturgy and bury our loved ones.  The day to day work of the parish has also gone on unabated.  The building complex and grounds are still maintained with a much needed ‘deep cleaning’ now going on. The general office work has not stopped as our bookkeeping, prayer requests, bulletins, messengers, phone calls and emails and so much more continue without interruption.  We can all take pride in the parish life we have created and maintain here at St. George. 

We are all affected by this pandemic yet many of you have reached out asking how you can best help the parish. The best way you can help is through your continued prayers and support. Your financial support is especially crucial now as our fixed expenses remain and our monthly bills continue to arrive. 

In the best of times the parish operates leanly.  Yet we never fall short of accomplishing our mission to joyfully serve the ‘people of God’.  Today, in these unsettling times, I appeal to those of you who are able, to make a contribution of support for St. George.  Your donation at this time will make a difference in our lives as members of the one St. George family. 

At the beginning of the crisis the parish council took measures to prudently curtail our expenses in order to meet our operating budget. In addition to our usual monthly financial reporting, our finance committee and treasurer added ninety-day cash-flow projections as additional oversight. As we enter our summer months, pledge collections are historically light and when combined with the current inability to generate traditional income from the likes of tray collections and hall rentals, we are understandably anxious about maintaining normal cash-flow over the next few months.          

On behalf of the members of our Parish Council, we Thank You for your support at this crucial time.  May you be blessed, may you and your loved ones stay safe and remain well. 

With Prayers In The Risen Christ,

Fr. Timothy Ferguson, Pastor

Michel Melhem, Parish Council Chairman

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