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Calendar of Events
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Message From Fr. Timothy - September 2019


                The absence of youth from the life of the Church was mentioned several times during our Archdiocese’s deliberations in Grand Rapids in July.  It came up at the clergy assembly, the keynote workshop, and at the General Assembly.  For some, it was a topic of conversation over lunch and dinner.  The discussion noted a noticeable decrease in Church commitment by young


Saint of the Month - September 2019 - Saint Dosithea Recluse of the Kiev Caves

She was born in Ryazan province, Russia in 1721 into a family of wealthy landowners named Tiapkin. Her birth name was Daria. During her childhood, she spent much time with her grandmother the nun Porphyria, from whom she acquired a love for the monastic life and spiritual struggle. Porphyria eventually received the rank of Great Schema nun and entered a more reclusive life of prayer and silence. The child Daria began her formal education under her parent’s supervision while continuing with her spiritual life and trying to live as much like a nun as she could at her home.


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