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Weekly Bulletin November 17, 2019

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Calendar of Events
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Message From Fr. Timothy - November 2019

In his first letter to the Christians at the city of Corinth, St. Paul thanks God for all the gifts of the Holy Spirit that this community received since they committed themselves to Jesus Christ. But once we get into the letter itself, it becomes clear that some in the Corinthian church are employing their gifts in ways that are tearing the community apart instead of building it up. The Holy Spirit is present and working in the community. However, some in Corinth aren't working with the Spirit. First-century Christians believed that the 'second coming' of Christ was just around the bend.


Saint of the Month - November 2019 - New Martyr St. Anastasias of Paramythia and St. Daniel

Anastasias and his sister were Greek peasants living in Epirus under Ottoman rule. One day a band of Turks came through their village, led by Musa, the son of the local Pasha (Governor). Musa was struck by the beauty of Anastasias' sister and tried to seize her, but Anastasias threw himself at the Turks and fought them off long enough for his sister to escape.


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